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do you even need a blog?

Deciding whether your business needs a blog can be tricky. Here are a few key questions to consider:

Do you know your stuff when it comes to your business specialty and have helpful advice you could consistently share? 

Could you realistically publish quality blog posts about your area of expertise at least once a month? Keeping a blog updated regularly with useful info positions you as an authority readers can trust. And if churning out blog content sounds doable then a blog is likely a smart move worth going for. The more value you provide with tips that make readers’ lives easier, the more traffic and loyalty will build up over time. So if you enjoy writing and can commit to regular content then get your blogging on!

Want higher organic search traffic? 

If you have particular knowledge, advice, or interesting news to share on a regular basis—blogging is an impactful way to reach people. Think of posting your unique “insider” take on topics relating to your business, services, or area of expertise.

Letters on the Wooden Blocks

Unlike social media, a blog allows you to go more in-depth on subjects, crafting posts that inform, teach, entertain and attract more potential customers over time. Blogs follow the format of short articles focusing on specific themes relevant to your niche.

Committing to a blog means creating fresh content regularly that followers find valuable. They might have burning questions you can uniquely answer from experience or want insider tips they won’t find elsewhere. Offer these through blog posts!

Staying consistent even starting with just 1-2 blogs per month helps you learn what resonates most. Over time, you build an engaged audience that grows with each piece of content. They begin seeing you as a trusted guide.

While producing great content is crucial, you also must advertise each post through email lists, social promotion, search engines, and other digital real estate where you have a presence. This amplification is what spreads your words widely.

In essence, blogging leverages your knowledge into trust over time as long as you 1) commit to regular posting 2) provide true value to readers and 3) distribute to widen reach. Begin in small steps then build!

know your blogging goals

Having a clear purpose shapes effective posts. What do you want readers to get from it? Some ideas:

  • Establish your expertise by educating through experience
  • Address frequent audience questions directly
  • Spotlight products, services, sales or special resources
  • Guide more traffic to key pages like about us or contact
  • Offer follower discounts in return for newsletter signups
  • Strengthen reader relationships and engagement

Essentially, identify how your posts can provide unique value and serve the audience first. If crafted thoughtfully around these human-centered goals, all blog writing efforts pay dividends in building loyalty and conversions over time.

craft winning blog posts

We’re not writing elaborate Pulitzer-worthy essays here! Focus on helpful content written conversationally.

Brainstorm topics you feel jazzed about in your niche that align with your goals and audience interests. Write tempting headlines and short descriptions to pull readers in.

Blog Post Ingredients

  • Lead with strong, attention-grabbing headlines
  • Open with short intro paragraphs explaining the topic
  • Organize key sections under headings
  • Break up text with relevant bullet points for easy scanning
  • Share real-life examples and data if possible
  • Embed visuals like images to engage readers
  • Close by recapping main takeaways
  • End with a clear call-to-action like signing up for a newsletter

Some call-to-action examples:

  • Sign up for updates
  • Download a related resource
  • Start a free trial
  • Book a consultation
  • Check out current promotions
  • Share the article & follow on social media

Keep paragraphs short and scannable. For new bloggers, articles in the 300-500 word range work well. Refine over time as you develop your unique blogging voice!

Most of all, shine a light on topics that excite YOU. Passionate posts connect easier. Have fun with it!

Streamline Blogging with AI Help

Writing blog posts from scratch can be daunting. But AI makes it super easy to turn scattered thoughts into draft posts!

Simply brain dump ALL ideas related to your topic into a basic document however they flow – key points, facts, anecdotes etc. Don’t worry about structure at this point!

Next, loosely group brainstorm tidbits into sections like intro, body, conclusion. Highlight sentences seeming most vital for the AI to focus on.

Copy and paste this content into a free AI writing tool like ChatGPT. Give some background like your goals and target audience. Hit enter and voila…AI generates a complete structured blog post draft!

It brings all your raw thoughts into a cohesive blog article with proper sections, transitions between ideas, citations and more. The AI becomes your virtual ghostwriter!

With the heavy lifting done, you simply polish the draft by adding your own conversation style. This makes blogging 3X faster and easier for beginners!

Give it a whirl – AI can magic your fragmented thoughts into publication-ready blog content. Just focus on revising instead of writing fully from scratch. Have fun with it!

spreading the word about your posts

You wrote an awesome blog post…now get eyeballs on it! Some effective promotion tactics:

Email: Send an email announcement about your new post to current customers and mailing list. Share an attention-grabbing snippet from the post and link to read the full piece.

Social Promotion: Craft teaser posts about your blog across all your business social accounts. Ask followers to check it out with a link. Consider targeted Facebook/Instagram ads to widen the reach.

The key is getting your content in front of multiple appropriate audiences. Be relentless yet genuine in spreading awareness – the information you provide drives real results!

setting it all up

If this has inspired you to start blogging, I’ve got you covered on getting set up seamlessly.

  • Create a dedicated blog page for your website. This will pull in all of your blog posts to display on one page automatically.
  • Create a template blog post set up in your website dashboard complete with blog post ‘ingredients’. Duplicate the template whenever you want to start a new blog.
  • Set up a free account with newsletter software like MailerLite for your audience list
  • Configure the subscriber signup forms on your website to automatically add new subscribers to your mailing list to save you adding them manually.
  • Create a branded draft in MailerLite with a set of content prompts for all your future newsletters. All you need to do when you’re ready to promote your blog is duplicate the draft and edit/delete what you do and don’t need for that newsletter.

If this all seems a bit much, contact me here for help.