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I’m always on the hunt for low cost marketing activities and this one can get your business in front of thousands of potential customers on Facebook for free – and if you keep building on it, can get you in front of thousands more. 

The key for small businesses, particularly new sole traders, is figuring out which free marketing tactics can give you the most bang for zero bucks if you put in some work.

If done right, targeted free marketing can get just as far as expensive ads for a tiny fraction of the cost. By getting creative and strategic with things like social media, you can land real marketing wins without breaking the bank.

The goal is to focus energy on free marketing activities that will efficiently spread the word for what you offer.

These days, when it comes to winning at marketing on Facebook, it’s about making those microseconds count. Instead of vying for one viral video, you need to get your name and offerings in front of people repeatedly through many Facebook avenues over time.

Persistent micro-exposures are key, making your brand more recognisable bit by bit.

The more people see or engage with your business consistently across Facebook, the more your brand and website stick in their minds through repetition. Regularly posting in the right places with links back to your website imprints that destination as the place for useful goods/services. When audiences eventually need something you offer, they’ll likely recall and click to your, now familiar, business for solutions.

When I first started marketing on Facebook this way it was fairly time-consuming. But I hit on a straightforward system that took a little time to set up but now my marketing only takes me 5 minutes a day.

It’s super easy and literally free.

Google Analytics and Facebook Insights data shows it actually works as well as, and sometimes even better, than paid ads!

All you need is a Google account like Gmail.

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Time: 1 hour

Cost: $30

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