I love processes because with them everyone has the same expectations, knows who needs to do what and by when – so your project gets done quickly and with minimal errors!

So I’ve put together a list of how I do things so that you fully understand the process and my commitment to your project.

Your project may take up to 4 weeks to complete (but may be done in as little as 2 weeks; it all depends on me having full access to your Assets).

Step One

I’ll send you a contract to sign. Although committing to purchase my services is the simplest of contracts in itself, there is much to be done to complete your project. By offering you a written contract, you will have peace of mind and legal fallback, showing you my commitment to your project.

The contract uses simple language to make it easy to understand and is very similar to the Terms and Conditions with a few extra legal fallbacks for the both of us. 

Once signed I’ll invoice you for the first payment.

Step Two

We’ll book a consultation call and go through what I call my Content Sheet. This is where we figure out exactly what will be required for your project and includes things like product categories, your returns and exchange policies, the contact details for your business and social media links; every detail we need to complete your website.

Step Three

I’ll send you an invitation to Trello.com, an online software platform I use for project management. All you’ll need to do is sign up for a free account with Trello and you’ll have access to our project management board.

We’ll use Trello for collating assets like logos, product images and descriptions and policies. A lot of our communication will probably be done in Trello as well because it’s an amazing collaboration tool and helps me track our messages, keeping everything we need in one place.

(You’ll love Trello so much you’ll probably end up using it in your own business after our project is finished!)

Step Four

During the design phase your website will be live with a Coming Soon homepage.

However I will provide you with a link to a live preview so you can check the progress at any time. Only people with the link will have the ability to view it.

When the website build is finished and I have your final approval and payment, I will remove the Coming Soon cover page to reveal your new Homepage and website.

Other Bits & Pieces

Your website will be built using WordPress and Woocommerce. One of the things I love about WordPress is that it never goes out of date because it’s components are regularly updated by developers, providing your site with continued robust functionality.

While you don’t need to update these components for your website to continue running smoothly, there will come a time when a component may fall out of date and fail, causing issues with your site. Some of these components include WordPress itself, plugins, themes and php.

I highly recommend updating these on a regular basis (eg once a month). If you would like me to maintain your website I have an aptly named service called Website Maintenance for a small monthly fee that you can take up at any time

Products come and go and seasonal sales come around every year. Your website will never remain static (nor should it!) as your business evolves and grows. I provide ongoing customer service to all my clients with a Product Update service at $30 per hour (I can get about 10 products updated for you on a budget of $60).

Hopefully this is all pretty straightforward but if you have any questions, email me directly at gabby@getonlineandgrow.com.

I look forward to chatting with you soon and working on your project together!


Updated 06 January 2022