Stop Losing Money On Marketplace!

If you’re selling your products on MarketPlace as a small business, one of the things that cuts into your profit is the price haggling. While price negotiation is expected on MarketPlace, there is a way you can get your asking price every time!

With a website, your product would have its very own page complete with price, postage and payment processing.

The beauty of this is:

  • The price on your website product page is set so you automatically avoid the price haggling
  • The postage price for delivery is paid up front so all you need to do is a quick trip to the Post Office
  • The payment processing accepts credit cards and debit cards and transfers the money directly to your bank account – no need to give out your personal information
  • Your website automatically sends you an email to let you know which item has sold and who to send it to, including their address
  • The buyer is first in best dressed 

MarketPlace is a great way to advertise your products but the negotiations and delayed responses from prospective buyers not only costs you money, but time as well! You’re no longer stuck on your phone watching Facebook Messenger waiting for people to get back to you.

Using MarketPlace to list your website products also means that your products are more accessible to a wider range of suburbs because you can post them out. 

We all know when we use MarketPlace ourselves, that we look for a suitable item closer to home first. With postage available, you open yourself up to more buyers, which gives you a higher chance of a sale.

Setting up your listing is almost exactly the same. 

Upload your photos, put in your description, but also add the link to the product page on your website in the description as well.

You might include something like: “Click on the link to buy and we’ll post it out within 24 hours”

Everything else is the same!

You can also increase your chances of sales by posting the same product page link to:

  • Different Buy & Sell groups
  • Your own Facebook Page or profile 
  • Create a Facebook Ad for it

With products listed on your website, you can then also have a Facebook Shop (a website is part of Facebook’s criteria for a Shop).

The purpose of a website is to make your business money. 

Done the right way, a website can also automate parts of your business’s workflow, leaving you free to organise more products and find other sources to sell them, effectively growing your business.

A website is probably more affordable than you think and saving money on MarketPlace is only one of the advantages of having one.

Get Online and Grow offers payment options as well as expertise in all the little technicalities that helps maximise your business growth online.