Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Get Online and Grow!

I’ll always do my best to fulfil your needs and meet your expectations, but it’s important that we both know what’s what, how things work, what’s included and what’s not, and what will happen if something goes wrong. You won’t find any complicated legal terms or long passages of unreadable text in these Terms & Conditions. I have no desire to trick you into purchasing something you might regret later. I do want what’s best for both parties, so in short;

When you engage Get Online and Grow, you are hiring me for one or more of the Services as described below.

Website Design and Build

To build a creative and professional, custom website that packs a punch despite it’s simplicity.

Websites by Get Online and Grow include the right bells and whistles that specifically enable your business to grow (sales, bookings and generate leads) without the extra “fluff”.

So without further ado and with full transparency to manage everyone’s expectations…

The Website Design & Build base price is $1200.00AUD.

eCommerce Websites include:

  1. A mobile friendly website
  2. A Home Page
  3. A Shop
  4. All products and descriptions for up to 15 products
  5. Setting up your payment system
  6. Setting up your shipping information for product delivery
  7. Adding search engine keywords to all pages, products and images (SEO)
  8. Adding all your business contact information, social media links, and updating policy pages to reflect your business procedures
  9. Providing you, the client, full ownership of and access to the website

Service Business Websites include:

  1. A mobile friendly website
  2. An industry themed website customised to your business’s needs with a maximum of 4 pages (eg Home Page, Projects, Services, Contact)
  3. Adding search engine keywords to all pages and images (SEO)
  4. Adding all your business contact information, social media links, and policy pages to reflect your business procedures
  5. Providing you, the client, full ownership of and access to the website


  • Extra products for an eCommerce site is $100 per 15 products
  • Extra pages for any site is $100
  • Specialised functionality required for your website includes payment for the addon software (usually under $100) plus $50 to integrate it into your website

The Website Design & Build does NOT include:

1. The cost of a domain name. My personal recommendation would be VentraIP, as they are an Australian business with a reputation for consistent pricing and support.

2. Website hosting – see Hosting below.

3. Logo design. My forte is web design and I’ll be honest, logo design is not my strong suit! However I do know some excellent logo designers and I’d be happy to put you in contact with them.


Hosting fees start from $35pm with no lock-in contracts. 


  • Hosting
  • SSL (website security encryption)
  • Set up of your domain email (eg admin@yourbusinessname.com.au)
  • Website backups that create a recoverable copy of your website
  • Website maintenance that keeps all the software aspects of your website up-to-date

Hosting may be cancelled at any time.

  • No pro-rata refunds will be given for the month recently paid
  • Please note that cancellation means that your website will no longer be available on the internet

We rent space from a third-party provider to ensure your site remains live and accessible. This hosting space is an ongoing cost for us, which is why we cannot put websites on hold or pause the hosting service.


The time to finish the website will depend on you providing the assets to complete it.

(Assets) You will need:

  1. A domain name for your business as well as website hosting (as mentioned before, I can help you with these)
  2. Product images and descriptions
  3. A PayPal, Stripe, or Square account or Bank account
  4. Business contact information and social media links

For a comprehensive list of all the website content you will need, see What Your Website Designer Will Need From You.


As part of completing the Service, I will need access to confidential information to connect services within the project such as PayPal and your domain’s hosting account. 

I will maintain full privacy and confidentiality within the guidelines of all legal requirements. Your information will only be used for the purposes of the Service; your information will be kept secure, and your information will not be shown, given or sold to anyone. 

For my full Privacy Policy please read here.


As an ethical web designer it’s important to me that, at all stages of your website’s development, you own all assets and be provided with all login details, not limited to the following:

  1. Your domain and hosting accounts
  2. Your WordPress website
  3. Additional software for functionality (apps/plugins)

Should our contract be broken at any time, for any reason, during the development of your website, any assets not already provided (and not limited to the above) will be provided to you within 48 hours.


I understand that it’s important to many business owners to have some control over their website asset in order to keep overheads low.

However, should you edit your own website, whether following my instructions or not, and an error occurs within your website, I am not liable and you will not hold me liable for any breakdown in your website’s functionality.

In the event of the above, should you request my help to repair your website I cannot guarantee the repair if your website has not been recently backed up. My charge will be $100ph.

Cancellations and Refunds

These Terms & Conditions have been laid out to provide you with full transparency and expectation of the type of websites I provide for the price I offer.


If you have any questions at all, not covered in the Terms and Conditions please feel free to contact me by email at gabby@getonlineandgrow.com. 

Updated 28 April 2024