build your own business website in a day


build your own business website in a day

This workshop is tailored to small business startups with a limited budget. The main aim is to help you avoid costly pitfalls and get your business online quickly and easily.

Building a website from scratch takes a lot of technical and marketing knowledge, as well as time.

This workshop fast-tracks the process by providing the technical requirements up front, and providing best marketing practices for your content, as part of the workshop material.

Cost: $200

Where: Dome Waikiki Meeting Room


Time: 2-3 hours

Max 6 participants

what we’ll cover

the technical side

During this workshop your focus will be on building out your website design to reflect your business offerings and your brand ie products/services that are publicly distinguishable from your competition.

The first half of the workshop will cover building out the foundations of your website such as:

  • Menus
  • Logos
  • Adding copy
  • Adding images

The result will be a fully laid out website design with placeholder copy and images (content) for you to replace in your own time.

You’ll take away tutorials that you can use for future website editing as well as other resources.

the marketing side

The second half of the workshop covers the content of your website and how to present it in a way that attracts your target market.

Getting your content presentation right is based on marketing concepts such as:

  • Capturing audience attention
  • Speaking to pain points and solutions
  • Using the right language for key words and SEO
  • To name a few

You will also be provided with specific content to ensure your website is legally compliant; such as template privacy, refund and shipping policies.

And you will also be given resources for legally compliant images to use on your website.

technical support

get online quickly and easily

This workshop fast-tracks getting your business website online by providing many technical requirements up front, and technical follow up beyond the workshop.

It is designed for startups to keep your website overheads as low as possible and to get your business online as fast as possible.

The only thing you’ll need to worry about is your website content.

Workshop participants will receive:

A live platform to build out your website and view it in both desktop and mobile versions

One hour per week support / tutoring for 4 weeks to help finalise your content

Technical support to connect your website to your domain name and make your website live

Hosting at $40pm than can be cancelled at any time (no big annual fees)

Free SSL and business email

Your only other cost will be a domain name (max $25) once you’ve completed your website


bookings are essential

This workshop provides you with a ton of technical support and free resources as well as providing you with control and ownership over your own website.

Payment is available on the day. Cash or card accepted.

Bookings are essential. Please ensure you complete the booking form in full as the information will be used to provide you access to your website build, and then ownership once you go live.

Get Online & Grow loves supporting small start up businesses and puts in a lot of preparation for individual participants. We would sincerely appreciate your full commitment when booking this workshop.

What You Will Need For the Workshop

  • A logo
  • A laptop

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